Osteoporosis is most prevalent in older women. If breast cancer treatment has caused women to go through menopause early, they may be at risk for osteoporosis at a younger age. Hormone deprivation therapy is one of several treatment options available to men with prostate cancer, and research shows that men who are given hormone deprivation therapy for prostate cancer have an increased risk of developing osteoporosis due to obstruction of hormone activity such as that of testosterone. This review article explains the side effects on skeletal bone due to cancer therapy experienced by older patients who suffer from either breast or prostate cancer and discusses how to identify the cause for bone loss and distinguish the various treatments which contribute to it. It is an interesting read as the occurrence of osteoporosis due to chemotherapy and various other cancer treatments has become more evident in recent years.

Summary: http://www.cacancerjournal.com/details/journalArticle/1065585/Aging_and_osteoporosis_in_breast_and_prostate_cancer_.html
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PMID: 21543824