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RCSI Ethics Challenge

  • RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge 2022/2023
  • RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge winner 2021/2022

Research spotlight

  • First-ever approved CRISPR trial to treat sickle cell disease
  • Bacterial blooms compromise cognition


  • Dr Shereene Idriss: Finding your voice

Original article

  • The scope of surgery at district level in Tanzania: evidence from six facilities

Review articles

  • The immune hypothesis of schizophrenia
  • Safety and clinical efficacy of dexamethasone for COVID-19 hospitalised patients
  • Beating the clock: targeting circadian rhythms to reduce chemotherapy-associated toxicity

Staff reviews

  • Inheriting stress: an examination of intergenerational epigenetic changes associated with trauma
  • A new hope: Trikafta for the treatment of cystic fibrosis
  • Gender discrepancies in the diagnosis of autism
  • So, you think you want a career in global surgery?
  • Cryotherapy and cold-water immersion: a deep dive
  • Modulation of the unfolded protein response
  • A new approach to sepsis care
  • Aducanumab: the high costs of false hope
  • Left out and alone: selection bias in kidney transplantation


  • The role of the health sector in climate change mitigation


  • New peri-operative prognostic markers in pancreatic cancer
  • Transperineal prostate biopsy is superior to TRUS biopsy in identifying prostate cancer
  • Evaluating the adherence to local hypertension management guidelines at the Al HooraHealth Center: a clinical audit

Book review

  • What makes a monster?: Frankenstein

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Thank you to the RCSI alumni for their continued support of current RCSI students – providing career advice, acting as mentors, facilitating clinical electives, and supporting the publication of the RCSIsmj since its inception in 2008.

As today’s generation of students and tomorrow’s generation of alumni, we are very grateful for your ongoing support.

A warm and special thanks to Prof. David Smith for the time and encouragement he has given to the RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge, and for his support of the annual debate.

We would also like to thank the Dean, Prof. Hannah McGee, for her sponsorship, and Margaret McCarthy in the Dean’s office for her unwavering endorsement and assistance.

A sincere thank you to the team at Think Media for seamlessly publishing the RCSIsmj at such a high standard year after year.

The RCSIsmj was extremely privileged to have a number of clinicians and scientists involved in this year’s journal clubs. We would very much like to thank the journal club speakers for their support of and participation in the journal club, and to express our appreciation of their time, knowledge, and expertise.

Cover image (astrocytes) by Dr Shalaka Wahane, Neuroscientist, Friedman Brain Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY, USA Current: Staff Scientist, Illumina Accelerator, SF Bay Area, USA.