Director’s welcome

RCSI Ethics Challenge 

  • RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge 2019/2020
  • RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge winner 2018/2019

Research spotlight 

  • FutureNeuro: translating research into action – Prof. David Henshall


  • Prof. Orla Hardiman

Case reports 

  • Maxillary sinus cancer
  • A case of a knee slip and slide

Book review 

  • The Inflamed Mind 

Original articles 

  • Can proprioception influence gait abnormalities in Parkinson’s disease?
  • Post-discharge decisions: prolonged VTE prophylaxis for colorectal cancer surgery
  • The role of lymphoscintigrams in breast cancer – a retrospective audit from Beaumont Hospital

Review articles 

  • The burden of paediatric asthma in urban United States populations
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder in adult Chinese women
  • Fasting fiction: is intermittent fasting superior to conventional dieting?
  • ‘Joint’ decision-making: how to determine the best approach for total hip arthroplasty
  • The role of rapid autopsy in oncology
  • Pharmacologic management of diabetes during Ramadan
  • Influence of the gut microbiome on brain health and function

Staff reviews 

  • Against all odds: ethical dilemmas in modern peri- and neonatal medicine
  • Bipolar disorder: the highs and lows
  • The intersection of depression and chronic illness Bioengineered transplants: stem cell reversal of chronic kidney disease
  • The big and the small of it: paediatric implantable cardioverter-defibrillators
  • An evolving strategy for cardiovascular intervention: a hybrid approach
  • Six degrees of genetic identification
  • Against all odds: ethical dilemmas in modern peri- and neonatal medicine


  • How fitness can fuel the brain
  • Donate or do not? Strategies to increase organ donation rates
  • E-cigarettes: a new age of smoking


  • Novel developments in cancer immunotherapy: an analysis of compounds that inhibit indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase
  • Eradicating bacterial biofilms with cold air plasma under simulated wound conditions
  • An aberrant phagosomal pH impairs neutrophil microbial killing in cystic fibrosis
  • Effect of long-term storage on disintegration and dissolution of over-encapsulated penicillin V tablets

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Thank you to the RCSI Alumni for their continued support of us as students – providing career advice, acting as mentors, enabling electives and research, and supporting the publication of the RCSIsmj since its inception in 2008.

As today’s generation of students and tomorrow’s generation of alumni, we are very grateful for this ongoing support.

A warm and special thanks to Prof. David Smith for the time and encouragement he has given to the RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge, and for his support of the annual debate.

We would also like to thank the Dean, Prof. Hannah McGee, for her sponsorship, and Margaret McCarthy in the Dean’s office for her constant endorsement and assistance.

The RCSIsmj was extremely privileged to have a number of professors and clinicians involved in this year’s journal clubs. We would very much like to thank the following individuals for their support of, and participation in, the journal club, and to express our appreciation of their time, knowledge, and expertise:

Prof. Arnold Hill
Dr Mark Murphy
Prof. Alf Nicholson
Mr David O’Brien
Dr Joseph Galvin
Prof. David Henshall and the team at FutureNeuro