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Director’s Welcome
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RCSI Ethics Challenge
RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge 2017/2018
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RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge winner 2016/17
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Research Update
Message from the Dean – Celebrating a passion for research
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On the shoulders of giants
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Case Reports
Epidural labour anaesthesia in a patient with tropical spastic paraparesis
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Shower power: a case report of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome
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Advancements in the diagnosis and management of Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome
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Original Articles
The development of renal cell carcinoma within the native kidneys of renal transplant recipients and the significance of annual screening
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All-trans retinoic acid solid lipid nanoparticle characterisation and assessment of anti-inflammatory activity in a human lung epithelial cell line
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Idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus: pathological changes in cortical biopsies in relation to function and response to treatment. A preliminary study
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Gaming to rehabilitate: comparing rigid and flexible handgrip devices in visuomotor tracking tasks
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Review Articles
The surgical treatment of carotid artery disease: carotid endarterectomy vs carotid artery stenting
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Methods of jet lag mitigation for the international student
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Systematic review of the impact of depression on subsequent smoking cessation during
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Staff Reviews
What’s cool in neonatal hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy?
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Bots in the brain: advances in robotic keyhole neurosurgery
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Bullseye: direct-acting antivirals are changing the game in hepatitis C and hepatocellular
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A stitch in time: the past, present and future of foetal surgery
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Targeting cystic fibrosis pathophysiology is changing the future for children worldwide
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Long live the children
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Difficult conversations
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Ready for repeal?
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The sunshine supplement
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Teaching not preaching
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At the heart of an emerging career
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Ode to the north
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Avoiding panic, embracing protocol: an elective experience in trauma
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Collaboration is key
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East meets west
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Book review
A modern Ars moriendi: medicine and mortality
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2016-2017 Staff

Executive Committee
Director: Mohit Butaney

Editor-in-Chief: Jenna Geers
Senior Editor: Suzanne Murphy

Executive Secretary: Simraaj Powar
Webmaster: Gemma Wright Ballester

Peer Review Team
Director: Corey Nixon
Assistant Peer Review Director: David Maj
Peer Reviewers: Andrew Mikhail; Sara Al Qabandy; Tessa Weinberg; Matthew McMurray; Alexander Dalphy; Alison Hunt; Alison Chalker; Jodie Odame; Ghaleb Halaseh; Kristyn Dunlop; Maria Mikail; Elise Halpern; Fiona Rawa; Eoghan Hurley; Rachel Dharamshi; Carling Cheung; Lindsay Cheskes

Staff Writers
Senior Staff Writer: Daniel O’Reilly
Staff Writers: Samar Atteih; Danyal Zaman Khan; Julia Hunter; Alexandra Mitcham; Stephanie Tung

Director: Katie Dunleavy
Education Officers: Ruth Carey; Claire Gallibois

Public Relations
Director: Monika Cieslak
Public Relation Officers: Hayley Spurr; Matthew Patel


Thank you to RCSI Alumni for their continued support to us as students – providing career advice, acting as mentors, enabling electives and research, and supporting the publication of the RCSIsmj since its inception in 2008.

We, as today’s generation of students and tomorrow’s generation of alumni, are very grateful for this ongoing support.

A special thanks to Professor David Smith for the time and encouragement he has given to the RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge and for his support of the annual debate.

We would also like to thank the Dean, Professor Hannah McGee, for her sponsorship, and Margaret McCarthy in the Dean’s Office for her constant endorsement and assistance.

The RCSIsmj was extremely privileged to have a number of professors and clinicians involved in this year’s journal club. We would like to thank the following for their support of, and participation in, the journal club and to express our appreciation of the time, knowledge and expertise they shared with us:

Dr Mark Murphy
Dr Frank Doyle
Mr David O’Brien
Prof. David Henshall
Prof. Gerard Curley
Prof. Arnold Hill
Prof. Sam McConkey
Prof. Fionnuala Breathnach