We invite all students to enter the RCSIsmj Ethics Competition.

Each year we ask students to submit an essay discussing the ethical

questions raised in the case presented in the 2015/2016 issue of the RCSIsmj.

Medical ethics is an essential aspect of the medical curriculum and we hope to

encourage RCSI students to think critically about ethical situations

that arise during their education and subsequent careers.

All essays will be reviewed by a faculty panel of experts. The

winning essay will be published in the 2017 print edition of the


The deadline for submission of entries is this Friday October 21st 2016. 

Please look in the 2015/2016 issue or visit the Ethics Challenge guidelines to view the case.

Please contact us at editorsmj@rcsi.ie with any questions or concerns.

Submission guidelines

Please construct a lucid, structured and well-presented discourse

for the issues raised by this case. Please ensure that you have

addressed all the questions highlighted and discuss these ethical

issues academically, making sure to reference when necessary.

Your paper should not exceed 2,000 words.

Your essay will be evaluated on three major criteria:

1. Ability to identify the ethical issues raised by the case.

2. Fluency of your arguments.

3. Academic quality with regard to depth of research,

appropriateness of references and quality of sources.

Good luck!