RCSI Student Medical Journal (SMJ) Blog Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the guidelines for submitting to the RCSI Student Medical Journal Blog. Please review the following sections carefully before preparing your submission. For any queries or discussion about potential submissions, feel free to contact us.


Quick Start Guide to Submission

  1. Decide the Type of Article: Review the types of submissions we accept. 
  2. Review Submission Criteria: Familiarize yourself with the criteria and format requirements detailed below.
  3. Write Your Article: Choose a topic relevant to medical school or healthcare and write your article.
  4. Proofread: Ensure your work is well-edited and error-free.
  5. Submit: Submit your article to submissionssmj@rcsi.ie
  6. Confirmation and Feedback: Await our confirmation email and any subsequent feedback.


Types of Blog Posts with Descriptions and Examples

  • Informative/Educational: Articles focusing on medical topics, research findings, or healthcare policies.
  • Reflective/Personal Narrative: Personal experiences and reflections in the medical field.
  • Opinion/Commentary: Well-argued viewpoints on medical and healthcare issues.
  • Analytical/Critical: Detailed examination and evaluation of medical research or practices.
  • Interview/Q&A: Conversations with medical professionals or addressing common medical questions.
  • Case Studies: Accounts of specific patient cases with unique challenges and outcomes.
  • Research Reviews: Summaries and comments on recent medical research findings.
  • Listicles and How-To Guides: Practical advice or information in a list or guide format.


Format of Blog Posts

  • Manuscripts Must Be: In English, in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format, with 12-point font and double-spacing.
  • Word Limit: Articles should be between 500-750 words. Longer pieces may be split into two parts.
  • Images and Illustrations: Up to two figures or images in common electronic formats (.jpg, .png etc.). Each should be in a separate file with a corresponding legend.
  • Tables: Up to two tables, numbered consecutively with a brief title for each.


Referencing and Ethics

  • References: Use Vancouver style for citations with numerical superscripts. Include hyperlinks to online sources where applicable.
  • Ethics: Remove all patient identifiers for confidentiality. Ensure ethical approval and patient consent where necessary. For case reports, ensure that patient consent is obtained and provided. 


Submission Process

  • Submit Via Email: submissionssmj@rcsi.ie
    • Submit a cover image for the blog post (optional)
    • Author Bio: Include your full name and program + year of study
  • Editing Process: Review period of 7-14 days with collaborative feedback.
  • Final Approval: The final version will be confirmed with the author before publication.


Contact Us & Follow

  • Contact: For inquiries, email sadiebadrie20@rcsi.com with the subject “SMJ Blog Enquiry.”
  • Social Media: Follow us on Instagram @rcsi.smj and visit our website www.rcsismj.com.


We look forward to your insightful contributions to the SMJ Blog and the enriching discussions they will foster within the RCSI community!