The faculty judges were unable to select a suitable prizewinner from previously submitted articles, and have requested further submissions. The winner of the competition will have their article published in the 10th Edition of the RCSIsmj, and will receive a €250 cheque in a ceremony at the launch of the RCSIsmj in April.

Questions to be addressed within each response (maximum 2000 words) include:
1. Should a temporary or permanent global ban on human germline editing be introduced and, if so, on what basis?
2. Is there an ethical difference between using gene editing for the avoidance of severe inherited diseases or for ‘enhancement’ of human capabilities?

The full text of the Ethics Challenge is available in the current (9th) issue of the RCSIsmj online, page 5, with submission guidelines:

Please remember to cite and reference all work appropriately.

Submission deadline: Wednesday February 22nd at 6pm

E-mail all submissions to: